X11 Pro Yume Scooter 6000W 50MPH Top Speed 60V 30Ah Battery


The standard setup comes with:

  1. Dual Motor (6000W total)
  2. 60V 30Ah battery
  3. 5A fast dual channel charger
  4. Hydraulic brakes
  5. 11″ tubeless tires
  6. Colored display
  7. Bluetooth compatibility

Email us to ask for add-ons like brake dampener, fancy front shocks, and other possible additions that you can think of!



Yume is a popular brand in scooter world, known for their performance and great aesthetics.

Eon is proud to announce that we will now carry their X-Class scooters

Featuring a 60V 30Ah battery which boasts a whopping 60 mile range, your favorite destinations are never too far away.

Able to support a max load of up to 150kg, this scooter is a joy to ride to any nearby store, park, etc.

Weighing about 57kg and equipped with Zoom hydraulic brakes, braking has never felt smoother and safer.

Tired of standing? Opt-in for a seat so that you can sit on extended rides

The X11 Pro is Bluetooth compatible, download the app so that you can see the status of your scooter.

The scooter is fully customizable and we carry many of the popular add-ons such as angle dampener, tap key, various styles throttle, and many more!

Additional information

Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 48 in


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