LiFePO4 Solar Battery Energy Storage – Server Rack Tower Batteries


  • 100kwh (3 towers, 40kwh each, with the last tower containing 20kwh with 2 empty slots for upgrades)
  • Free shipping
  • LiFePO4 48V 200Ah per battery module
  • Each Module is 10kwh at $2959 that can be purchased separately
  • Buying all 100kwh will include 3 free server racks to host the batteries
  • Each rack can contain up to 4 battery modules
  • RS485 communication available with ethernet cable slots ready
  • Easy to install, easy to diagnose, plug and play
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Meet the SRST-001, our 100kwh storage system at $295.9 per kwh. So far it is the most competitive pricing in the market with shipped to home pricing, you are getting the most out of your dollar.

We can customize the kwh count to meet your needs.

High quality Grade A LiFePO4 and durable server rack.

48V 2000Ah setup in 3 towers (800Ah slots each) to offer you with upgradability and confidence in the performance of our energy solution.

Product comes with general 5 year warranty against defects.

RS485 Communication available on each battery slot and parallel busbar built in each battery slot and internal breakers with screen for display.



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