Eon Max Range Sur Ron 60V 55Ah Battery


Version 2 is out!

Eon V2 Sur Ron 60V 44Ah Battery



  • Drop-in plug & play battery and controller upgrade ready. When you want to upgrade to BAC4000, it is still plug and play with tuning!
  • Almost doubling the range
  • 2 times the stock battery with minimal sag.
  • Compact and safe to use. Lots of battery builders do not like to use holders for fitment issues, we still maintain a full bmp built in the system with cell level holders
  • Battery level display included
  • Fits stock compartment with bottom tray removed
  • Smart ANT BMS for monitoring through Bluetooth.
  • Supra D6 for matching Sur Ron Stock DC plug.
  • Handle included for carrying
  • Comes with 10A charger and XT90 charge port


  • 60v 55ah – max charge at 67.2V
  • 3300Wh
  • 120 Amp continuous discharge, 300 Amp peak
  • BMS protected discharge and charge (common port for regen!)
  • Highest quality Lishen 5000mah 21700 cells, 16s11p configuration with nickel copper fused connection
  • Smart Bluetooth BMS functions with ANT BMS


  • Cell holders for supporting weight and ease the weight on the welds.
  • BMS protection on both charge and discharge, there is no way you can mess up! Charge and discharge with peace of mind.
  • Copper for series connection fused with nickel for solid welding. Low resistant performance!

Battery is not water resistant. Remove if you need to wash the bike.

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The Eon Range+ is a 55ah battery to plug and play into the stock battery tray. It fits without latch modifications and will work with stock controller settings on 60V bikes.
With only 31lbs the battery is an ideal upgrade if you want more range and less added weight.

The pack is now available for a period of time until season is over.

Grab them before it goes out of stock!


  1. Store at 60V when not put in use
  2. Do not short circuit, let water get to battery, drop or toss battery, leave in high heat or cold temperature, and do not charge unattended.
  3. Keep battery in dry location and store in room temperature
  4. When plugging in, make sure to plug the connector ALL THE WAY IN
  5. Suspend or pad battery with foam under
  6. Do not change or alter the battery management system settings

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 12 in


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